Text is a tool for attracting a client; it is he who helps to make a site visitor a buyer. Is it worth saving on things that make you profit? If you are willing to spend money once to make a profit all the time - contact Zetaline specialists.

Why do I need to write texts for the site?

Often the writing of texts for a freshly created site is entrusted to a secretary or manager. As a result, works come out from under their pen, which immediately shows that a person is not engaged in his own business.

When the site is not profitable, it becomes clear that it is time to turn to a copywriter - a professional who is able to create interesting and attractive content.

Написание текстов для сайта

Our team is ready to offer writing services for all types of text.

Informational Articles

This category includes sections that should be present on each corporate site: the main page, "About the company", "Services", "Partners and customers" and so on. In addition, informational articles are interesting and useful material for any site or blog.

SEO copywriting to fill the site

Articles written according to all the requirements of seo optimization. Excellent perceived by search engines, easy to read by man and are an indispensable tool for promoting the site.

Press Releases and Commercial Offers

A well-composed offer can attract partners you have never dreamed of before, and press releases are a great way to make yourself known on the Internet.

Advertising and selling texts

The main task of this article is to attract the attention of the client and push him to action - to purchase goods, make a call, leave a request. Selling texts is heavy artillery that can destroy a competitor and increase your sales several times.

What are you getting

  1. Properly written text


  2. It is possible to make text design


  3. It is also possible to fill the site with ready-made text and beautifully design the page


  4. As a result - good site indexability and increased interest of visitors to your company and its services.

Результат копирайтинга


Base Price
  • Information article: 5€ for 1000 characters;
  • SEO copywriting: 8€. for 1000 characters;
  • Analytics and journalism: from 12€ for 1000 characters;
  • Press release: from 20€ for 1 pc;
  • Commercial offer: from 200€ for 1 pc;
  • Selling articles: from 50€ for 1 pc.

So what's next?