Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is the ability to quickly attract the target audience to your site using the Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords. Advertising
Get customers on the first day after the launch of the advertising campaign.

The principle of operation is extremely simple:

  1. People search for products and services on search engines that interest them.
  2. Contextual advertising is shown by search engines directly next to the search results or on other sites, taking into account the latest requests of this user.
  3. People who are looking for a product or service come to the advertised site (that is, your site) through ads or banners in contextual advertising. That is - potential buyers.

This tool is simply amazingly effective: at a low price (a visitor’s CPC can be up to 10 cents, depending on the level of competition for a particular request), it’s possible to attract not just random people to the site, but potential customers who were looking for the product you are offering or service.

Ведение контекстной рекламы в Яндекс Директ и Google
Яндекс Директ и Гугл реклама

Effective advertising campaign with us!

Our company offers services to improve the effectiveness of contextual advertising. With seeming simplicity, there are many subtleties that need to be considered when placing advertisements. In particular, you need to correctly compose an advertising text, successfully select keywords to which you “attach” advertising, and also smartly organize your advertising budget.

Setting Yandex Direct and Google advertising

Keyword phrases for ads

We select the most accurate list of search phrases for all ads in the advertising campaign. Choose the main and negative phrases.

Writing Advertisements

We distribute phrases according to advertisements. We write the selling text, we distribute into groups. We create advertising banners and videos.

Set up time and location targeting

The advertising campaign is clearly tuned to the required audience, location and working hours of the customer’s company.

Betting and position tracking

During the whole time of conducting an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct and Google.Adwards, we control the optimal rates for you.

We guarantee a quick influx of quality visitors.

By "quality" we mean people who are interested in your product or service.

You need to decide which influx of customers you can withstand at the moment. After you tell us your type of activity and the required volumes of customers, we will analyze the existing demand of the Internet community for this product. Then we will compare your needs and the current level of demand and jointly develop a financial plan for the advertising company: how much will it cost to achieve your goals, and are the goals realistic at all.

When the plan is approved, we proceed to the advertising campaign. It is worth noting that calls to your office will begin the very next day, as contextual advertising, unlike SEO promotion, acts instantly.

Приток посетителей


Creation of an advertising campaign
  • Keyword Selection
  • Negative Phrase Selection
  • Writing Quality Ads
  • Create banner ads
  • Targeting and delivery time settings
from 200€
Advertising campaign
  • Ad Adjustment
  • Tracking and bid adjustment
  • Keyword Adjustment
  • Negative Phrase Adjustment
  • Making report
10% of the budget

An important point!

The effectiveness of contextual advertising depends on the quality of the advertised site. You can attract a million visitors to the site, but if it does not inspire confidence, you will no longer have customers. Therefore, we strongly recommend consulting with our experts on the quality of the site.

Before starting the campaign, we will audit and evaluate your site for free and offer our services to improve this resource in the context of increasing its "selling" abilities. Our refinement can increase the effectiveness of contextual advertising at times.

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