Internal website optimization

Internal optimization is a series of works aimed at finding and fixing errors that affect the ranking of a site in search engines. With the help of competent internal website optimization, you can significantly raise your site in the SERP.

Why the necessary internal website optimization?

A few years ago, the site could be brought to the TOP, only with the help of bulk purchasing links and not pay attention to the site structure and content. Now search engines give great importance to the internal component of the site. This includes the site design, and structure, and ease of use, and unique texts, and much more. At this time, if you use only purchased links for promotion, then your site will probably fall under the search engine filter! Therefore, the spent budget will be wasted. Only due to competent internal site optimization can we put the site in the TOP according to low-frequency and mid-frequency queries.

Внутренняя оптимизация сайта

Site analysis and preparation of recommendations

Check text optimization site

Making recommendations on the main problems in optimizing the main page of the site and the main sections.

Checking the link structure of the site

Making recommendations on the main menu items. Checking navigation on the site, implementing a site map, etc.

The semantic core of the site

Compilation of the semantic core of the site. The distribution of the pages. Checking the status of key page optimization.

Check site architecture

Check for the presence of the necessary page types. Functional recommendations are made. Comparison with competitors is given.

Work in progress

Internal linking
Semantic core
Site loading speed
Text optimization
Setting up robots.txt and sitemap.xml
Site structure setup
Commercial factors
Work with takes


Site analysis
  • Recommendations for each page of the site (up to 50 pcs.)
  • Evaluation of content for "usefulness."
  • Ready-made headings, tags and other page elements.
  • General recommendations on the visual part of the site.
  • General recommendations on the site.
Implement recommendations
  • Implementation of all recommendations.
  • Study of all pages obtained after analysis.
  • Redesigning the site structure.
  • Changing the site code for better indexing.
  • The total cost depends on the amount of work.
from 550€

What is needed to order internal website optimization?

You can call us by phone +7 (495) 504-94-17 or email us to and we will be happy to help you and advise on any questions. Or leave a request on the site. Do not forget to leave a link to your site first.

Внутренняя оптимизация сайта недорого

So what's next?