WebSite Start
for starting a business

Creating a simple website is an inexpensive and first step to starting your business on the Internet.

Создание сайта-визитки

What is

WebSite-Start is a simple site. As a rule, it consists of a small number of pages (1-5). It is characterized by a simple navigation system for the user, a harmonious design and the main information part, which contains information about the activities of the company, its products or is it a personal page.

The main features of the WebSite-Start are the short development time of the site and its low cost.

WebSite-Start is mainly ordered by small companies and individuals.

5-8 days

from 500

Simple design

Flexible layout possible


Prepared for SEO

Modern CMS

No additional modules

WebSites-Start Examples

Website Creation Works

Specialists of our web studio develop a website START in a fairly short time. More time is spent preparing graphics and text. As practice shows, in a week we can develop an attractive website.

Simplified Design
WebSite structure development
Website prefill up to 5 pages
CMS installation and layout
Preparing for publication on the Internet
Website debugging

WebSite-Start consists of:

WebSite-Start consists of a small number of modules and components. This is enough to start working on the Internet. But we are always ready to expand the site and modify any modules and functionality of the site.

Simplified website design
Multilevel access to CMS
Feedback form
Simplified menu
File manager
Interactive Map Module

So what's next?